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Golden teacher spores/psilocybe cubensis golden teacher spores

Golden Teacher Mushroom spores are the seeds of a mushroom. They are tiny, but packed with potential. When you buy golden teacher mushroom spores, you are purchasing the potential to grow your own mushrooms. It’s like buying a flower bulb or seed packet—except it can be even more exciting!


Is It Legal To Buy Mushroom Spores?

Yes! Mushroom spores are legal to purchase in most countries. In fact, many countries have laws that require that gardeners and farmers keep their seeds on hand in case they need to reseed their crops.

That’s why we can guarantee that if you buy from us, your golden teacher mushroom spores will arrive safely at your doorstep—and that no one will get in trouble for sending them to you!


How Long Do Mushroom Spores Last?

Mushroom spores last for years if kept dry and cool. Some people store them in the fridge for up to 10 years without any problems!

However, some mushroom strains live longer than others—so it’s best not to leave them lying around for too long before using them (especially if you’re planning on germinating them).


growing golden teacher spores


The materials you’ll need to grow Golden Teacher spores are:

-A clean and sterile environment

-A small container that can be sealed securely

-A sterilized growing medium (vermiculite, coco coir)

-Pasteurized grain spawn (corn or rye), or a spore syringe with the proper genetics


Golden teacher mushroom spores are a popular choice for those interested in growing their own psychedelic mushrooms. They are easy to grow and can be used to create a variety of different types of mushrooms with different effects.

  • The first step in growing golden teacher mushrooms is to get your spores. You can find them online or at your local grow shop.
  • Once you have them, you’ll need to sterilize the surface on which you’re going to grow your mushrooms.
  • This can be done by boiling water and letting it cool down enough so that it’s warm but not hot enough to burn your skin when touched.
  • Then, using a spray bottle, spray the water over all surfaces including any tools and containers that might come into contact with the spores or mycelium during the process of growing them (including yourself).
  • You should also wear gloves while doing this because germs from your hands could contaminate anything else in contact with them if left unchecked.
  • After everything has been sprayed down with this mixture of water and bleach/antibacterial soap mixture, let everything dry out for about 3 hours before proceeding further with growing golden teachers!

The use of golden teacher spore syringe


The Golden Teacher Spore Syringe is a tool that can be used to propagate your spores. The syringe has been specially designed to make it easy to transfer your spores from one place to another while preserving their viability. The syringe also has a needle tip that makes it easy to inject into cakes.

To use the syringe, make sure that you have a clean workspace and that you have all of the necessary materials in front of you. You will need:

-A sterile work surface

-A sterile glove or wrap around your hands (this will prevent contamination from other surfaces)

-A light source (for viewing under magnification)

-Clean water (for rinsing)

-Sterile gauze pads (to wipe off any excess water on your culture)


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