Spore Syringes

Magic Mushroom Spore syringe
Mushroom spore syringes are used to apply mushroom spores to a substrate, which is then colonized by mycelium.

The mycelium produces fruiting bodies, which are the part of the mushroom that you eat (or sell).

Spore printing is a method of spawning that uses a sterile syringe to inject spores into a petri dish.

The dish is then incubated and allowed to grow into a fully-colonized substrate.
Types of Spore Syringes
Mushroom spore syringes can be used in the process of growing mushrooms at home, or they can be used to add spores to an existing mushroom patch.

There are several different types of mushroom spore syringes available on the market today. Some are designed for single-use, while others can be reused indefinitely.

The type you choose will depend on how much you’re willing to spend, how many times you plan on using it, and whether or not you’ll be using it in conjunction with other tools (such as a grow kit).

Single-Use Mushroom Spore Syringes: These syringes come with a needle attached so that you can insert them into a mushroom cap and extract its spores with ease.

They’re typically made from plastic, though some companies have begun offering metal alternatives as well.

Reusable Mushroom Spore Syringes: These syringes have no needles attached; instead, they’re made from plastic materials that allow users to inject their own spores into the device before injecting them into substrate bags or other growing mediums.

They’re reusable because users just need to sterilize them after each use in order for them
how to make a spore syringe
The following instructions are for making a spore syringe from a print.

1. Find a print that you want to make into a spore syringe.

2. Use an alcohol wipe to clean the area around your print.

3. Cut off an amount of needle that you want to use, and use the sterile alcohol swab to clean it off.

4. Remove the cap from your syringe with needle attached, and double check that it is sterile.

5. With your thumb, push down on the plunger so you can see where the air bubbles come out of the syringe barrel (this is called priming).

This will ensure that there are no air bubbles in your spore solution when you inject it into your print later on in this process.

6. Insert the tip of the needle into one side of the mushroom cap (or other piece of substrate) until it goes through both sides of the cap or substrate layer(s).

If necessary, gently rotate or twist it slightly to get past any obstructions like dirt or debris that may be present on one side or both sides of your piece(s). Do not push too hard as this could damage.

how to grow mushrooms from spore syringe
To grow mushrooms from a spore syringe, you first need to make sure that the spores are viable.

You can do this by letting the spore syringe sit for about an hour and then checking it with a microscope.

If you see any white dots in the liquid, then the spores are viable and you can use them to grow mushrooms.

You’ll also need to have a sterile base medium, which is typically grain (cornmeal or wheat bran) that has been sterilized.

In a large pot on high heat, combine 1/2 cup of water with 1 cup of grain until it’s mushy.

Put this in a sterile container and let it cool down completely before mixing in your spore solution and inoculating it into the new mix of grain and water.

Once everything has cooled down completely, mix together enough spawn for your intended growing space—this is usually around 100 cubic inches of space for each pound of grain used—and pour it into your growing container.

Then sprinkle some more on top as well! After several days, you should start seeing small white dots appear around your container as new mushrooms form from their spores.


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