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Golden teacher grow kit/golden teacher grow kit/teacher magic mushroom grow kit

The golden teacher grow kit is a complete kit that includes everything you need to get started growing mushrooms indoors. You’ll receive a grow tent, grow lights, substrate, spawn, and instructions.

The grow tent is designed to provide optimal humidity levels while keeping out unwanted insects and debris. The grow lights are powerful enough to give off the right amount of light for your mushroom kits. The substrate is specially formulated to promote rapid mushroom growth. Finally, the spawn is a mixture of mycelium spores and sawdust that helps to kick-start your mushroom’s growth cycle.

 Mycelium Sponge
Mycelium sponge is a natural product that contains mycelium spores. This material is ideal for growing mushrooms because it provides a perfect environment for the mycelium to thrive. When added to your mushroom kits, it promotes faster growth and yields higher quality mushrooms.

Spawn is a mixture of mycellium spores and sawdust. It is used to start your mushroom kits growing. Once the mycelium starts growing, it will begin consuming the sawdust and produce mushrooms.

Growing Medium
Growing medium is a mixture of peat moss, vermiculite, perlite, and sand. This mix is used to grow your mushroom kits. It is a great way to keep your kits moist without adding any extra water.

Instructions are included in the kit to help guide you along the path to success. These instructions cover how to care for your mushrooms, how to harvest them, and how to store them.


Materials in golden teachers mushroom grow kit

The Golden Teacher mushroom grow kit comes with everything you need to get started growing mushrooms indoors. You’ll receive a starter pack containing 10 grams of spawn, a grow bag, a grow tent, a grow light, and instructions.
This kit includes:
10 grams of spawn
A grow bag
A grow tent
A grow light
Included in the package:
– A grow bag
– A grow tent
– A grow light
– Instructions
You can start growing right away!


Growing golden teachers mushroom/golden teacher grow /golden teacher magic mushroom grow

Step 1: Prepare the substrate

The first thing we need to do is prepare our substrate. We use fresh pine sawdust, which is rich in nutrients. You can buy it at any home improvement store. To make sure the sawdust is clean, soak it in water overnight before using it. If the sawdust looks dirty, wash it well with hot water.

Step 2: Add spawn

After preparing the substrate, add spawn to the substrate. Make sure the spawn is evenly distributed throughout the substrate. Use a spoon to mix the spawn with the substrate.

Step 3: Cover the substrate

Cover the substrate with plastic wrap. The plastic wrap should cover the entire surface of the substrate. Make sure no air gets inside the plastic wrap.

Step 4: Wait

Wait until the substrate starts to rot. After about two weeks, you’ll notice the substrate start to smell. When the substrate smells bad, remove the plastic wrap and discard the rotten substrate.

Step 5: Water

Water the substrate daily. Keep the water level low enough so that the substrate stays moist.

Step 6: Grow

Place the substrate in a warm room where the temperature is between 70°F and 80°F. In this stage, the substrate will not produce mushrooms yet.

Step 7: Harvest

When the substrate produces mushrooms, cut them off the substrate. Discard the substrate after harvesting the mushrooms.

golden teachers grow kit

golden teacher mushroom effects/psilocybe cubensis golden teacher mushroom effects

The golden teacher mushroom is a medicinal mushroom that grows naturally throughout the world. It has been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine to treat various illnesses. In recent years, GTM has become popular among Westerners who use it to help them recover from illness and improve their mental clarity.

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